Traditional Koga Workout

Are you ready for a legit dance fusion fitness workout? The beats will be bangin and the energy will be through the roof with Koga Grooves! This dance fusion workout will combine Kickboxing, Yoga, Koga moves, Hip Hop, Freestyle Dance & Capoeira. You can have two left feet and still enjoy  Koga Grooves. Our "Krazy Kogasmic Beats" will have you movin & groovin beyond belief. "This aint no party....its a workout"! 

Our slow, controlled, flowing & INTENSE format of Koga Fitness fusing Kickboxing, Yoga & signature Koga movements into an amazing mind, body & spirit experience. Becoming a Yoga studio favorite. Performed in a heated setting of 85 degrees but not mandatory. NamastOSS! A must experience for the Hot Yoga practitioner as per Yoga Journal.

Koga PUMP'd

Koga Workout Formats

Experience how Jon Koga celebrity /pro athlete trainer and creator of the world renowned Koga Workout formats combines Kickboxing, Yoga & signature Koga Workout movements to form the most powerful workout in the fitness industry today.

Koga Kombat Kontact "K3"

Come unleash your inner athlete with Koga X Train. We're going for the gold with this high intensity speed, strength & agility Koga format. Whether you're a professional athlete or everyday fitness enthusiast, Koga X Train will test your will,endurance and determination. This one is no joke! And by the way..........Yes You Can! 

Koga X Train

Koga Grooves

Koga Heat

Koga Fitness takes heavy bag Kickboxing workouts to the next level with Koga Kombat Kontact "K3". Three killer 15 min controlled rounds of Koga "K3". 1st round: Upper Body 2nd round: Lower Body 3rd round: Full Body combining Kickboxing, Yoga and signature Koga movements into one amazing fat shredding, muscle toning & de-stressing workout like no other. And if that wasn't enough we finish this kick butt workout with our signature Koga 'Ab-Attack" program. Guaranteed to get you in the best shape of your life! A Martial Arts / MMA facility favorite. Osssssss!

Welcome to Koga Fitness Enjoy your new body.

So its weight training that you want? Koga PUMP'd is the one for you. Another incredible format of Koga Fitness combining Kickboxing, Yoga & signature Koga movements cross trained with all forms of weight training ie. Negatives, 21's, Pyramid Sets, Overloads & Supersets. An 8x's Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman favorite! There isn't another workout on the planet like Koga PUMP'd .......Taking you "Beyond Genetics"

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